Desperate to Learn

Carolyne with Muslim children at Jocado Academy

Carolyne sharing the love of Jesus with Halima, Asha and Mohammad, some of the newest students at Jocada Academy

Desperate to Learn

How education can be a path for God’s love

Dear Family,

God loves Muslims, too. The mother of Halima, Asha and Mohammad learned that lesson recently. Distraught that her poverty was keeping her children out of school—thus condemning them to a life of begging to survive—she prayed at the local mosque everyday that Allah would help her send her children to school.

Jesus heard this mother’s cry, and led her to find Jocada Academy, a Christian school in the slum where they lived, located in Nairobi, Kenya. Because of support from Heaven’s Family’s Education Ministry, the school can provide educations for impoverished children like Halima, Asha and Mohammad.

The director of Jocada Academy, Carolyne Irasunda, was heartbroken when she visited this family’s home. The three children had never attended school. Carolyne immediately bought school uniforms and books for the children to begin attending her school. Their mother was so overcome with gratitude that she agreed for them all to be taught about Jesus!

Carolyne is praying for more opportunities to share the love of Jesus with these children. Please pray for this entire family to come to know Him.

There are currently 58 children still awaiting sponsorship at Jocada Academy. If you, your family, or friends would like to support one, please click here.

Thank you so much for helping us not only educate children in need, but also share the love of Christ with them!

On behalf of J,

Elisabeth Walker
Interim Ministry Director

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