Determined Deborah

Deborah is happy to learn new skills!

Determined Deborah

How one woman in Kenya is taking her challenges head-on

Dear Friends,

Deborah is challenged with a birth defect called spina bifida, which makes her life in Kenya especially difficult. And because of her limited mobility, she has experienced great difficulty finding work to support her family.

But Deborah refused to allow her challenges to defeat her, and sought vocational training to enable her to become self sufficient. Very determined, she located a school on the outskirts of the city of Mombasa where she would be welcomed.

She then faced her next obstacle: the $65 each month needed to fund her education.

Thanks to your generous support, Heaven’s Family’s Christians with Disabilities Fund has paid her tuition for one year. And thanks to divine placement, the center she happened upon is a Christian organization committed to her spiritual growth and discipleship as well!

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of those challenged with disabilities…one at a time.

Because of Him,

Carmen Parise
Director, Christians with Disabilities Fund

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