Devastating Floods Hit Laos

09 Aug

Devastating Floods Hit Laos

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Devastating Floods Hit Laos

Quick action needed to save lives from possible starvation

Dear Family,

Lots of rain is expected this time of year in the Southeast Asian nation of Laos, since this is their monsoon season, but this has been a year of drought.

That’s why a sudden deluge 10 days ago caught everyone by surprise in 8 villages of Nan District, in the rural northwest. And because the ground was hardened by the lack of rain, the storms caused devastating flash floods that wiped out homes and rice fields, the staple crop that sustains every family.

If you recall, villages in another area of Laos lost their entire year’s worth of rice by a freak storm one night, well past the rainy season. Last year I did a two-part update (The Little Disaster that Could and A Win-Win for the Gospel) in which I described how God used that micro-disaster and your generous response at that time to soften the hearts of unbelievers, including communist government officials.

And so, it seems, God has dropped another incredible opportunity in our laps! Spring-boarding off last years inroads for the gospel—when one government official was blown away by the kindness of Christ-followers from America, whom they are told to distrust—YOU have another blessed opportunity to help those distressed and feeling hopeless.

The photos below show the floods and the aftermath. Make sure you read below to see our plan…

Picture of ruins caused by flood in Laos

Picture of massive devastation caused by flood
Scenes of devastation in Laos after massive flooding devastated 8 villages

Here’s the plan:

1. I’m sending funds immediately to our trusted partner (thankfully you’ve helped provide enough to cover this initial emergency relief), who will purchase, deliver and distribute 10 tons of life-sustaining rice—and will share the gospel in 8 villages as he has opportunity (as a communist nation, he must do this carefully)—please pray for his success;

2. I’ll travel there in the next couple months to ensure the funds were spent as planned, meet with those who’ve been helped, and get photos and testimonies to report back so you’ll be encouraged;

3. In the next few days, I’m hoping that some of you will feel led to help with any subsequent aid as a more accurate assessment is made…if you’d like to help, please click here.

Thank you so much for your prayers and compassionate giving—as a responder your faithfulness will be changing lives, and likely saving some!

Helping disaster victims together in Jesus’ name,

Jeff Trotter
Director, Disaster Relief Ministry

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