Dignity is Spelled H-E-S-H-I-M-A

23 Apr

Dignity is Spelled H-E-S-H-I-M-A

Celestine, a Heaven’s Family-sponsored child at Heshima

Dear Friends,

A few months ago I shared a story about adult believers with physical disabilities who overcame numerous obstacles to become successful employees, business owners and entrepreneurs. But for many disabled children around the world, such obstacles seem forever insurmountable.

In Eastern Africa, for example, children with severe physical or mental disabilities are considered cursed and are rarely seen in public. These children are hidden at home while their parents work or, in some extreme cases, are killed by village elders out of fear. But regardless of cultural norms, Heaven’s Family knows that children with disabilities are created in God’s image and loved by Him.

I just returned from a trip to Kenya, where I visited a place called Heshima Center, a place of hope that brings dignity and specialized care to the lives of children with severe disabilities. (Heshima means “dignity” in Swahili.) The Christians with Disabilities Fund has been partnering with Hershima, and I was very excited to meet the children and staff for the first time.

Each child at the center receives physical, occupational and speech therapy. The therapy has greatly helped the children, especially those with cerebral palsy. Some of the older children who have been in the program for many years have improved so much that they have been able to hold a steady job.

A therapist working with some of the children at Heshima

Janet is the aunt of Celestine, and works at Heshima Center

The center not only helps children, but their parents (or guardians) as well. For those who find it difficult to find work because of their family’s “curse,” Heshima provides jobs and steady pay making jewelry that is then sold to help pay their salaries as well as other needs at Heshima.

On behalf of Celestine and the others you are helping at Heshima, thank you for your compassion.

Because of Him,

CJ McDaniel
Director, Christians with Disabilities Fund

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