Disabled No Longer

04 Feb

Image of Loreen walkingThank you for helping Loreen walk! (before and after surgery)

Disabled No Longer

A crucial surgery enables a young girl to walk

Dear Family,

Loreen used to walk on her tiptoes, but now, after her surgery, she’s excited to be like all the other kids.

Loreen was born with serious medical difficulties. Her Achilles tendon on one foot was too short, forcing her to walk on her tip toes. As a result, she often stumbled and injured herself. When she was only four years old, her mother passed away. Her father was unable to care for her properly and would often give her alcohol to quiet her.

Thankfully, her father agreed to give custody of her to a caring Christian family. She now receives plenty of love, but she still struggled with walking.

Doctors believed that surgery could lengthen Lorren’s Achilles tendon and that after physical therapy, she would be able to walk normally again. Her family could meet her basic needs, but they couldn’t afford this surgery. The surgery and therapy would cost $706.

But praise God—with your support, Loreen has had a successful surgery and is well on her way to recovery. As the photo shows, she is very proud and excited to be walking normally, even with a cast and walker. She knows in just a few months, she’ll be running like every other kid! Thank you for giving Loreen such a life-changing gift through the Disabilities Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

Image of the director of the Disabilities Ministry

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Disabilities Ministry

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