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08 May

In the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis, the situation in Myanmar has become very serious. It is estimated that over 22,000 people have died, and 1 million people are now homeless. Myanmar relief is a daunting task in wake of the grim circumstances. Clean water is in short supply, the price of food and basic necessities has skyrocketed, and the government is being very slow to accept international aid.

We have heard from 6 of our 10 orphanages in Yangon (Victoria, New Heritage, Shalom, Life Concern, Grace, and Rhema Orphanage), and we know that they are going to need a lot of help to repair damages and rebuild.

100% of what you give to the Disaster Relief Fund will go to help with Myanmar relief for our orphans and our brothers and sisters in Christ in Myanmar.

Please keep the orphanages in your prayers.

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