Don’t Come Here! [Sixth Blog from Myanmar]

06 Nov

Don’t Come Here! [Sixth Blog from Myanmar]

Khamh Khen Thang holding his list of refusals

Dear Friends,

Khamh Khen Thang is the director of Bethel Orphanage in Kalaymyo, Myanmar. During our time together today, he showed me a list of the names of all the impoverished parents who have recently come to his orphanage hoping to place their children there so they can receive a free education. Khamh refused to take in their children, however, because these days he has a better solution to their problem. As an approved Heaven’s Family micro-banker, Khamh can offer them small loans so they can start their own businesses, which enable them to fund the education of their own children! And it is working!

Almost every day during this trip in Myanmar, I’ve been involved with helping to keep children with poor parents out of orphanages, and helping non-orphan children who are already in orphanages to get back home! It is exciting work that has hardly been done in Myanmar—until now.

Below are a few photos we took today while visiting a different orphanage in Kalaymo that is also named Bethel Orphanage. Thank you for making dreams come true!

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

A newcomer to Bethel Orphanage (left) sitting with Rut Hnem and Ling Ki Hing

Ha Thung washing a few dishes at the orphanage’s “kitchen sink”—-the pump outlet that provides all their water

Thang Mang and Ling Ki Ling aren’t related by blood, but you would think they are brothers!


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  • Nancy Johnsen

    What a blessing that these parents don’t have to give up their children to an orphanage so they can have an education. With the loans, they can make a living to support their own children themselves! That is the best solution!

  • Virginia Oswald

    Thanking you and your husband for being used of God in Myanmar! It is such a blessing to see all the smiling faces of the children, and their caretakers, and- not forgetting your beautiful smile at the end of your newsletter!! May our Lord and Savior continue to bless you with all you need to continue to shine on!

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