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09 Jul

Omar Cortez Flores, our national missionary and prison minister

Dear Friends,

Jesus left us with the commission and command to “Go and make disciples.” That’s exactly what we are doing in Tulancingo, Mexico.

One of our Heaven’s Family-supported national missionaries, Omar Cortez Flores, is busy winning souls and making disciples in the prisons around Tulancingo. Omar knows the heartbreak of gaining a disciple inside a prison only to lose him when he gets out. That’s because many of the prisoners have no place to go when they get out, are often unable to find work, and have little or no money. Many feel they have no choice but to go back to a life of crime.

Here is a quote from a letter Omar received from an inmate not long ago:

My name is Felipe and I have been in the Tulancingo jail for over 4 years. My sentence was for 7 years but I am about to be released. I gave my life to Christ 4 years ago while I was in jail and I have surrendered my life to Him. But I have no place to go when I get out and I can get no help from my family. I ask for your help and understanding about where I can go and continue my walk with the Lord when I get out. Please help me.

That’s why I am excited to tell you about a new building project that will yield four new dorm rooms for ex-offenders coming out of prison. Omar wants to be able to continue his ministry to a few special, dedicated inmates like Felipe. When these ex-offenders get out of prison they will now be offered a place to live while they are taught the Word of God and trained in a new vocational skill. As these men are transformed by the power of God’s love, Omar has seen them become effective ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ, winning souls and making disciples in the streets and prisons of Mexico.

In the process, God is glorified because only God can—and does—change the heart of a criminal into an obedient follower of Christ!

Digging the foundation for the dorms that will house those discipled from the prison

Thank you for “remembering those who are in prison, as though in prison with them” (Heb. 13:3), and for making this work possible by being our partners in ministry to the prisoners of Mexico.

May God richly bless you!

Bob Collins
Director, Prison Ministry & Rehab Fund

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