A Double Blessing

17 Feb

Picture of a mom in Kenya taking food home
A grateful mom taking food home for her children

A Double Blessing

How you’ve helped feed and unite the Maasai

Dear Family,

It was a double portion of blessing! Not only did you help meet a HUGE food need in Kenya, but the effort united the region’s pastors—many of whom did not trust or endorse each other.

As the pandemic has caused food insecurity and death around the world, there was no food relief reaching the Maasai people. So together with our ministry partner, we needed to act at a level far beyond our normal scale of relief work to sustain 1,300 families (approximately 6,000 people) through urgent food distribution.

The Lord gave our ministry partner a vision of how to plan for the distribution, but also a vision of the local pastors coming together to repent of their disunity and work together.

Then God performed His great miracle! The pastors did in fact come together with repentant hearts and God united them as they humbled themselves.

When the pastors saw the effects of both the urgent food relief and their renewed love for one another, it was like a brand-new start for the entire community. All the churches worked together and every family was fed throughout the hardest times.

Picture of food distribution in Kenya
Inside the food distribution hut, preparing to feed 1,300 hungry families

Your gifts to Heaven’s Family’s Food Ministry have not only relieved food insecurity, starvation and malnutrition in many of the world’s poorest places, but you’ve also helped to lay foundations for God’s plan of unity among His people. Wow! Thank you so much!

Serving Together,

Diane Scott
Director, Food Ministry

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