Dunkin’ Disciples

Picture of ocean baptism in Sri Lanka
In Sri Lanka, this missionary baptizes his new converts in the open ocean!

Dunkin’ Disciples

New followers of Jesus are being immersed everywhere!

Dear Family,

The gospel is simple. Repent, believe in the Lord Jesus, and be baptized! I’m reminded of this in the recent updates from a few of the national missionaries you are sponsoring. They don’t need a heated jacuzzi to baptize those who decide to follow Jesus—they just use what they have. No matter what type of water they are immersed in, the same result follows!

Often, the baptisms are meant to be public. As you see in the photo below of the baptism in Kenya, the locals are watching and it is used as an opportunity to share the gospel.

Picture of baptism in Kenya
In Kenya, Cleophas finds the nearest water source, whether it’s a large puddle or a small stream, baptism happens right after salvation!

Picture of baptism in Kenya
In Kenya, In Myanmar, Khamh Lian Thang, baptizes new believers in a frigid concrete baptismal at his Bible School

Thank you so much for helping so many hear the gospel. Without you, many wouldn’t hear the gospel and these baptisms wouldn’t have happened. It feels good to be used by the Lord, doesn’t it?

Thank you,

Elisabeth Walker
Director, National Missionary Ministry

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