Earth Shakes in China

14 Aug

Rescue teams have worked around the clock to find survivors

Dear Friends,

You have likely heard about the 6.1-magnitude earthquake that struck Yunnan Province in Southern China early last week. Thankfully, loss of life has been relatively low—official estimates say the death toll is just over 600 as of this writing—but the damage to lives and buildings has been extensive. God in His mercy has spared many, but He’s warning all survivors to turn to Him while they still have time.

Another reason to give thanks is that Heaven’s Family staff member Todd Matthews, who directs the Unreached People Groups Fund, is already on the ground there. Todd has been working in Yunnan Province for many years, and he personally knows believers who have been affected by the quake.

With $3,000 from the Disaster Relief Fund in hand, Todd will be assisting victims with emergency supplies like food, safe water, blankets and medical care. He’ll also be assessing needs and letting me know how Heaven’s Family, together with friends like you, can help in the days and weeks to come.

Todd will also be seeing if he can use the opportunity afforded by this natural disaster to reach the lost—especially those who have not yet heard about Jesus during this brief window of openness.

Please pray for Todd and his team, and the survivors of the earthquake. I’ll keep you posted of future developments. If you’d like to help further, please click here.

Thankfully the death toll has not been large compared to other earthquakes in recent memory, but God cares for each one; damage to buildings and lives has been extensive

Because of Him,

Jeff Trotter
Director, Disaster Relief Fund

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