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Evangelist with his wife standing next to their new motorcycle
Cleophas and Beatrice Makona, with Cleophas’ new motorcycle

Dear Friends,

When you give to the Heaven’s Family Mutual Fund, a percentage of your gift is deposited into our Focused Funds General Fund (formerly called the I Was Hungry General Fund) to be used to meet needs among our spiritual family that fall within the scope of our 24 Focused Funds. Over the years, we’ve met many varied and important needs through the Focused Funds General Fund, but few have been reported in our monthly magazine. So I’ve decided to periodically send you a mini-update to keep you abreast of some of what is being accomplished through your gifts.

Last month when I was in Kenya, I traveled with one of our key partners, a micro-banker named Cleophas Makona, to meet a few of his 43 borrowers at their little businesses or farms. It was such a blessing to hear the testimonies of how they are prospering as a result of their micro-loans.

But going to see those borrowers was a chore. The dirt roads on which we traveled for miles was rocky, rutted, and slow-going. Cleophas only owns a bicycle (a gift from Heaven’s Family), and he told me that he either walks, takes his bicycle, or hitches a ride on passing motorcycles to visit his many borrowers who are scattered over a broad area, and who live in some very remote locations. It was during our long and bone-crunching ride that day that I decided it was time to upgrade Cleophas to his own motorcycle. And I recently received the photo above of the purchase.

Cleophas is also an evangelist who travels practically every month to far away places to preach the gospel where it has never been heard. So his motorcycle will also be used to spread the good news and plant churches. (Heaven’s Family has also helped Cleophas with funds for his missionary outreaches.)

Cleophas and Beatrice with their different projects
Cleophas standing by the sign for the Christian primary school that HF helped him start, and Beatrice working at her sewing machine, another equipping gift from Heaven’s Family

Here’s what Cleophas wrote once he received his motorcycle:

You have done a great thing for me with it. At my age, almost sixty, walking and cycling on a bike was really a problem. Thank you, thank you so much.

Thank you so much for making this blessing (among many others) possible because of your gifts to the Heaven’s Family Mutual Fund.

Together in the Master’s plan,

David Servant
Director, Heaven’s Family Mutual Fund


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    Keep up the FYI ‘S,love them. Blessings from our provider Jehuwah.

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