“Eat Mice and Grasshoppers!”

30 Sep

“Eat Mice and Grasshoppers!”

Malawi’s president doing the best he can during Malawi’s current hunger crisis

“Eat Mice and Grasshoppers!”

Malawi adopts desperate measures in a dire situation

Dear Friends,

How desperate would you need to be to change your diet to rodents and insects? The people of Malawi, a small nation in southeast Africa, are now that desperate—even the president of the country said so at a recent press conference (you can view the news report by clicking here), and he recommended the new diet to his starving citizens.

In January of last year, Malawi was hit with terrible floods that washed away newly-planted crops. That was followed by a prolonged drought that has since created a crisis. Food is scarce. There is widespread hunger and the risk of mass starvation.

I’m glad to tell you, however, that not all Malawian subsistence farmers are hungry. Some have actually produced an abundance of food on their small farms, and they are lovingly sharing it with their hungry neighbors as a demonstration that they are truly Jesus’ disciples.

How can this be, you might ask? These farmers have been blessed to have received agricultural training as well as teaching on how to follow Jesus from Heaven’s Family’s own Dick Samuels, the director of our Farming God’s Way Ministry.

Dick explains:

We began our Farming God’s Way project in Malawi four years ago with only several poor farmers. Now we have over 300 active farmers! Those 300 prosperous small farmers are giving hope to their very hungry neighbors. Their lush fields are a powerful testimony that God is in their midst and is abundantly blessing them!

The need in Malawi is so great—much more than the FGW farmers can meet on their own. There are now 500 more farmers, however, who have shown initiative and are very motivated to learn how to farm God’s way! The ministry desperately needs more trainers, teaching supplies, and resources to take FGW to other villages and towns throughout Malawi. This month, praise God, your and my Compassion Club investments will be used to meet many of those needs. Rejoice!

Thank you so much for your compassion.

David Servant
Director, Heaven’s Family

An update from a past project:

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