This is the Best Way to Eliminate Poverty

20 Feb

This is the Best Way to Eliminate Poverty

Micro-Loan Director Dan Steward teaching bankers and borrowers in Kenya
Micro-Loan Ministry director Dan Steward and his responsive audience. Our Kenyan seminar venue was a church constructed with tree limbs covered with corrugated metal sheets.

This is the Best Way to Eliminate Poverty

David’s First Blog from Kenya/Uganda

Dear Friends,

Since we started Heaven’s Family 16 years ago, I have repeatedly been asking this question: “Why are people poor?” And a second question related to that one: “What is the best way to eliminate poverty?”

Now, with 16 years of working in many of the world’s poorest nations, I understand that there are many reasons why people are poor. But two of the primary ones are: (1) lack of knowledge and wisdom, and (2) lack of opportunity.

And so, naturally, the best way to eliminate poverty is to equip people with knowledge and wisdom, and provide opportunities. Generally speaking, if you succeed at that, poor people will begin to prosper. I’m happy to say that, after the gospel of Jesus Christ, those are the two things that Heaven’s Family’s Micro-Loan Ministry is focused on.

Over the past two days, I’ve been blessed to participate in a two-day conference conducted by four of our Micro-Loan Ministry staff members, who came to serve 150 precious followers of Jesus from all over Kenya. They consisted of our Micro-Bankers and potential future Micro-bankers, as well as borrowers and potential future borrowers. All humble, simple folk of whom the world is not worthy, but all well-known in heaven.

This was our Micro-Loan Ministry’s 23rd Small Business Training conference, and I was impressed. It was totally Christ-centered, beginning with the first sessions on Glorifying God through Business and Christ-Honoring Business Ethics. Worship and prayer were integral. It was culturally relevant and audience-appropriate. The information was practical and presented with passion, through both sermons and skits.

The attendees learned about risk assessment, how to create a good business plan, income, expenses, profits, budgeting, credit, inventory tracking, economizing, diversification, customer service, and so much more. It was amazing how much our team members fit into two days. All presented in a simple church made of corrugated tin—that in the afternoons seemed more like a dusty, human oven. Those who attended were challenged, edified, informed and encouraged. They were so thankful for the opportunity to learn.

Our most-senior Kenyan micro-banker, my friend, pastor and evangelist Cleophas Makona, who has helped lift hundreds of borrowers over the years, told me that his micro-loan ministry, made possible by Heaven’s Family, has opened the hearts of hundreds of people to the gospel in his region. To him, micro-banking is a tool to build God’s kingdom.

Although this all may sound too good to be true, it isn’t! Thanks to every investor to Heaven’s Family’s Micro-Loan Ministry!

David Servant
Founder and President, Heaven’s Family

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