Orphans in Myanmar: Elisabeth Reports with Photos!

12 Dec

Orphans in Myanmar: Elisabeth Reports with Photos!

Cute orphans in Myanmar

Dear Compassionate Friends,

We just returned from visiting our orphans in Myanmar, where Orphan’s Tear was born about two years ago. It is amazing what God has done in just two years. Hundreds of orphans in Myanmar have been sponsored: their health and school performance have improved, new orphanage buildings have been constructed, health care is more available, and the list goes on. It is all because of your compassion.

My 15 year-old daughter, Elisabeth, was part of our 12-person team to Myanmar, and she took photos of hundreds of children, sponsored and unsponsored. I asked Elisabeth to write a report about her time with the orphans in Myanmar:

This was my third time in Myanmar. It is incredible to see the changes at the orphanages from year to year and how the lives of the orphans in Myanmar have improved so much!

When we visited the Handicapped Care Center I was in awe. Orphan’s Tear provided funds for a new building. The Handicapped Care Center used to have about 25 children—most suffering with polio—and they were all living in a small rented house. Last year the landlord told them that they needed to vacate. They didn’t have any place to move so they asked Orphan’s Tear to help them. By God’s grace Orphan’s Tear got the money to buy them land and build a brand new building in Myanmar. I was speechless when I saw it. [Look for a photo in January 1st Ministry Update–David] I was so happy to see that the building was so beautiful and big. The children now have a yard, garden, kitchen, better toilet facility, and have much more room to sleep instead of being cramped together with 25 other children.

We were able to buy Faith Orphanage a new kitchen since last year. Before, they had a small bamboo shack that leaked when it rained. Now it is concrete and steel so it won’t leak. Also all the children can fit in it instead of having two shifts for meals.

Orphan’s Tear also bought a new building for Love and Mercy Orphanage since last year. Before, they had been living in a dumpy house that an American would never even consider living in. Now they have a newer building with a yard for the children to run around.

Most every orphanage I was privileged to visit has improved greatly. It is so good to see how God has used Orphan’s Tear supporters to make such a difference in the lives of so many orphans in Myanmar!

One thing that I don’t think many supporters realize is that they are supporting future missionaries, evangelists, and servants for God. Most of the children, when they grow up, go to Bible School so that they can learn how to win their country for Jesus. At the orphanages the children learn to put their trust in God and how to serve him with their whole heart. Because of your support, the orphanage directors can take in children, teach them about God, and take care of them so they can impact their country when they become adults.

There are still many orphanages / orphans in Myanmar to help—like Shalom Orphanage which we also visited. A widow is taking care of about 20 orphans and they are living in a small rented apartment in what Americans would consider a slum. My dad made a video to show how the children are living and he is trying to raise funds for these children to get a new building with land to grow food and to play. Though they don’t have the money yet, but I know God will answer the prayer of these precious orphans. I can’t wait to see what God has done next year through the lives of these hundreds of orphans in Myanmar!

Orphans needing sponsored

You can take a video tour of the new Handicapped Care Center online. It is indeed beautiful. Now we are trusting God to fund a new building for Shalom Children’s Home in the city of Yangon, Myanmar. Twenty children are currently living in one room on the bottom floor of a four-story apartment slum. You can watch the Shalom Children’s Home video online.

Updated Photos of Orphans in Myanmar

If you support one of the many orphans in Myanmar, expect to receive a photo of your child by the end of January, with only a few exceptions. Below I’ve added a few of the photos taken by one of our team members.

Thanks to everyone who gave Orphan’s Tear gift cards this year as Christmas gifts. As a result, we were able to provide $5.00 Christmas gifts for almost 1,000 orphans in 6 nations. Generally, each child received something very practical, such as a new blanket or some clothing.

Finally, please consider joining us next year when we visit the orphans in Myanmar again. Most of our team members this year were orphan sponsors, and they got to meet their children. One of our team members (pictured below) was an 87-year-old from Australia!

May God bless every sponsor, every contributor to the Orphan’s Tear Special Gifts Fund, and every investor in the Heaven’s Family Mutual Fund.

For the children,


One of the orphans in Myanmar

Cute Myanmar girl

Myanmar boy

Alfred and orphan in Myanmar

Another of the many orphans in Myanmar

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