February 2003

Tanzania, February 2003

Dear Friends,

massai woman tanzania
The photo to the left is of a Massai woman in Tanzania, East Africa. She is one of 13 wives of one man, purchased with twenty cows. In her culture, a man’s wealth is determined by the number of cows and wives that belong to him. She lives in little hut that she has made out of cow dung, within a compound of 12 other cow-dung huts, each inhabited by her husband’s other 12 wives and their children. There are only two tiny windows in those huts, so that hyenas and lions can’t get inside. All the Massai women I saw shave their heads and adorn themselves with elaborate beaded jewelry. All of the Massai people need to hear about Jesus, the only one who can rescue them from a life of futility and an eternity that is even worse. I believe that the key to reaching them is to train indigenous leaders who speak their language and understand their culture.

Praise God that Massai tribal people are coming to the Lord, and we had at least ten Massai pastors at our February conferences in Tanzania. At the invitation of Global Advance, of Dallas, Texas, I was privileged to teach about 800 pastors and leaders at a 3-day conference in Singida, a city off the beaten track. The four-wheel driving there was tortuous, but worth it. Our team of five Americans, including two missionaries to Kenya, had wonderful times of teaching and ministry. I even met a pastor who listens to our daily shortwave radio broadcast.

From Singida, we traveled to the city of Moshi, at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain. There we held our second 3-day conference where over 1,000 pastors and leaders registered. Our time there was also very fruitful. At both conferences I was able to tell pastors about our shortwave radio broadcast and give away books to those who could read English. And we were able to help three Sudanese refugees and some Kenyan orphans with monetary gifts. Thanks for making that possible.

Our web site continues to draw interest from around the world. Since November we’ve been visited by people from Aruba, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Egypt, Estonia. Finland, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Mali, Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Singapore, South Africa, Tanzania, and the United Kingdom, not to mention the U.S. They have read over 6,000 pages of teaching that they’ve found there! I’m looking forward to adding more of our books and articles when my webmaster-daughter returns from school in nine weeks.

I’m off to the Central Asian nation of Kyrgyzstan in early April, to minister to pastors from not only Kyrgyzstan, but also Kazakstan and Uzbekistan. The church in these former Soviet republics is very young and there is a desperate need for leadership training. I covet your prayers while I’m away.

May God’s richest blessings be yours!


P.S. Here’s an excerpt from a letter we recently received from a pastor in Nigeria who listens to our daily shortwave radio broadcast:

Sir, I thanked God for the wonderful and marvelous works he’s doing through you, with you and in you. I was listening to World Harvest Radio on a good day and the messages that I heard that day touched me and changed me so well that my level of operation in my ministry increased and so many co-pastors around me wondered about what came over me. Many thought it was by my strength and power that healing and great miracle are happening, but they never knew it was what God did through listening to your programme. My prayer for you is that the Lord will move you into your wealthy place in the name of Jesus…

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