Moldova, June 2004

moldova pastor moldova pastormoldova pastor

“What I am hearing here has revolutionized my mind. What I heard was the answer to my prayers.” – Moldovan Pastor

Dear Friends,

Emotions ran high in Moldova, Europe’s poorest and only remaining communist nation, among the fifty pastors and Christian leaders who attended our June conference there. They journeyed from ten different cities of Moldova and the adjacent little nation of Transnistria.

I was very happy and surprised to learn that the organizer of the conference had begun translation of The Great Gospel Deception into Russian, and actually had booklets printed that were comprised of two completed chapters to sell for a nominal cost to the attending pastors. That gives you some idea how hungry these pastors are. Within a few months the full translation should be completed and ready for printing and distribution to Russian-speaking Christian leaders throughout Eastern Europe. Thank you, on behalf of the pastors of Moldova and their flocks, for giving them a big spiritual boost.

“I Was Naked and You Clothed Me…”

Last month, Shepherd Serve partners provided 140 blankets to Christians in the village of Cia-inn, Myanmar (Burma), who lost everything in a fire that destroyed most of their village. The rainy season is just arriving there, and so the blankets were received with “tears of joy” according to our contact who distributed them.

myanmar disaster relief burned house myanmar disaster relief burned house cute litte tanazania girl

This month we have the opportunity to keep starving members of God’s family alive in Tanzania, an East African country that is suffering life-threatening drought. $30 buys a hundred-pound bag of maize. 100% of what you give for this need will go directly to Tanzania to help a time-tested, God-fearing personal friend and church bishop purchase bags of maize that he will give directly to hungry believers who are in danger of starvation. This is a chance to feed hungry Jesus.

God Works in Mysterious Ways…

One of the presidential candidates for the West African country of Liberia, (just now coming out of 15 years of civil war) is purchasing copies of The Great Gospel Deception (shipped from Nigeria) and giving them freely to Liberian pastors! Who said all politicians were bad? This particular one is a follower of Christ.

New on the Web…

In the last two years, people from 93 countries have visited We’ve just posted several new teaching articles there, all chapters from a book I’m working on titled The Disciple-Making Minister. They include articles on Church Growth (with some novel thoughts), The Ministry of Teaching, Biblical Interpretation, The New Birth, The Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Women in Ministry, and an exposition of The Sermon on the Mount.

Behind the Scenes…

The dates for our Fall ministry trip to Myanmar have changed from November to December 4-13. If you are interested in coming along with us, I need to hear from you soon to reserve your seat on the flights. I guarantee your life will be dramatically and positively affected. Every day you’ll visit different Christian orphanages. You’ll meet believers who smuggle Bibles into China. You’ll eat authentic Asian food. You’ll escape cold weather. You may not want to come home!

One of our partners requested that we set up an automatic withdrawal from his checking account to make it easier to make his monthly contribution. We’ve done it, and the service is now available for all our partners. If you’d like to eliminate the hassle of mailing monthly contributions, all we need from you is a canceled check and a note that tells us the amount and what day of each month you would like your contribution to be automatically withdrawn.

Next Month…

After our Pastors’ conference in Moldova, I taught at a second pastors’ conference in Sophia, Bulgaria, which I’ll tell you about next month. In closing, here are a few more photos of happy Moldovan and Transnistrian pastors. Thanks for helping to make them so happy.


moldova pastor moldova pastor moldova pastor moldova pastor moldova pastor moldova pastor

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