A Word from David

“OK, so Heaven’s Family is doing lots of good around the world, meeting temporal, physical needs. But what about eternity? What are you doing about people’s spiritual needs, which are much more significant? Why don’t you focus more on the gospel?”

I’m always glad when I’m asked those kinds of questions, because I’ve got my answer ready.

Jesus said, “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 12:35). It is our love for one another that catches the world’s attention. Jesus also prayed that we would “be one….that the world may believe.” There is a correlation between our unity and the world coming to faith in Jesus. True evangelism begins with transformed people who demonstrate their love for one another.

This month, you’ll read the heart-rending story of Miriam Nduwimana of Burundi, who was led to the Lord by a Heaven’s Family-sponsored National Missionary who has planted hundreds of churches. A hospital nurse who watched believers care for Miriam during her sickness was so touched that she gave her life to Christ. (Miriam’s surgery was paid by HF.) You’ll also read about another Heaven’s Family sponsored National Missionary in Kenya who has led scores of people to Christ and planted 200 houses churches. His love, and the love of his disciples, is getting the world’s attention—as they serve widows, orphans and the desperately poor with HF help. And you’ll read about yet another Heaven’s Family-sponsored National Missionary who is winning to Christ forgotten Burmese prisoners, and also providing them with essential needs and Bibles (paid for by HF).

The ultimate goal of the ministry of Heaven’s Family is to make disciples. It all begins with love. Thanks for yours. — David

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Noting the contradiction between the message and the Man, HF staff member David Warnock recently snapped this photo in India. “Good Luck” would be better replaced with “Wonderful Grace!”

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