February 2011

Me with the village chief of Mual Zawl

A Word from David

Mual Zawl Village in Falam District, Chin State, Myanmar—is perched on a mountain ridge in the middle of nowhere. If you want to find it on Google Earth, just type in Latitude 22°59’3″N, Longitude 93°55’22″E. You’ll have a bird’s-eye view of where forty families live in thatched-roof houses. Most of them are Christians. Although they live in a remote region that is forbidden to foreigners, our team was able to visit them last November. It had been sixty years since any Westerner had been in their midst.

We had come to inspect a Heaven’s Family water project, and the village chief, along with a crowd of villagers, proudly gave us a tour of the seven public faucets that now deliver safe drinking water to everyone in the village. I wish you could have been there to rejoice with me during that tour. It was a taste of heaven. The people were so thankful. I have more to share about that special day in this month’s lead article.

Heaven’s Family is all about loving our heaven-bound family, the “least of these” whom Jesus loves so much. Our love for them is a reflection of our love for Him. So glad you’re in the family, too! — David

This Month's Articles

Strategic Stewardship

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Parting Shot: I Always Wanted My Name on a Cathedral...

Heaven’s Family provided funding for these new toilets for one of our sponsored orphanages in Myanmar. Misunderstanding where the credit belonged, the orphanage director posted my name on the completed project so that I would always be remembered during millions of future urgent moments. This photo was taken as I basked in the embarrassment of being so “honored” — David

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