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A Word from David

As we were preparing this month’s magazine, I happened to notice that all of the articles focused on women—from around the world—who’ve benefitted from your compassion. That hardly seemed to be a coincidence for May’s magazine, since this month is when most of us honor some very special women in our lives, namely our mothers. Where would we be without them? We wouldn’t be!

This month you’ll read about some very courageous female followers of Christ who are taking the gospel to Muslims—and planting churches among people who worship rocks and trees. You’ll read about women who’ve faced incredible challenges but have triumphed through their faith in God. And you’ll read about a woman in China who prayed ten years for a Bible that she recently received. I hope that their stories inspire and encourage you.

Thanks for being a blessing to thousands of women around the world through your partnership with Heaven’s Family! — David

This Month's Articles

Strategic Stewardship

Charitable Gift Annuity

Parting Shot: The Graduates

We received this photo from a Heaven’s Family-assisted Christian School in a heart-breaking Nairobi slum. As best we can understand, these children are all graduating from kindergarten to first grade.

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