November 2011

A Word from David

During the next few months, Christians are going to spend hundreds of millions of dollars buying gifts for people who don’t need anything—all in celebration of the birth of Christ. Meanwhile, the one whose birth we celebrate, incarnated in the “least of these” among His spiritual family around the world, will continue to be hungry, drink contaminated water, live in inadequate shelter, and in some cases, beg to survive. Is there anything wrong with this picture?

I hope that this year you will consider taking advantage of Heaven’s Family’s Christmas Gift Cards. They are the perfect way to give gifts that honor both your loved ones and Jesus. You can contribute to any of Heaven’s Family’s focused funds on behalf of those on your Christmas list, and let them know what you’ve done through one of our very tasteful gift cards. For more information, see the advertisement on the side.

And to our partners who don’t celebrate Christmas (whom we love and appreciate as much as those who do), our gift cards can be used for any special occasion to honor loved ones in Jesus’ name. I hope you’ll take advantage of them all year long.

– Every blessing, David

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As you’re reading this, I’m serving in Myanmar (Burma) with a team of 18 people. We always have lots of fun in Myanmar interacting with precious children at the more than 30 Christian orphanages that we assist there. Last year in Myanmar, this sad little guy caught my camera’s eye. — David

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