December 2011

A Word from David

Dear Friends,

This month’s first article, titled Undercover Grandmother, is the story of an amazing elderly Chinese woman whom I met some months ago near China’s border with North Korea. She is one of the brave souls whom Heaven’s Family is blessed to help smuggle food into North Korea to relieve suffering believers. Her story is inspiring. God works in unusual ways, and I’m so glad that He’s connected us to some incredible people whom He is using in difficult places.

With God’s help, Heaven’s Family is working, not only in North Korea, but in all five of the world’s remaining communist nations, which include China, Vietnam, Laos and Cuba. It all begins, of course, with our compassionate partners who sacrifice for the sake of the “least of these” among Jesus’ world-wide family.

On their behalf, thanks to everyone who has partnered with Heaven’s Family in 2011. We’ve enjoyed our most fruitful year yet, and 2012 holds great promise. Rejoice as you read this month how God is using you to touch lives around the world. – David

This Month's Articles

Parting Shot: A Pipe-Smoking Mom with a Baby in Her Backpack

In Chin State, Myanmar, tribal women not only tattoo their faces to enhance their beauty, but many smoke pipes, which they also consider to be attractive. – David

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