February 2012

A Word from David

This may be the last issue of our magazine that we ever have to publish. Why? I’ve received notification that I’m a finalist in the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes. Apparently my chances of becoming an instant millionaire are looking very good. When I win, I’ll be able to fund, by myself, everything that Heaven’s Family is doing around the world!*

In the remote chance that I lose the sweepstakes, we’ll just keep counting on you to help us serve the “least of these” among our world-wide family. That way you can continue to show your love for Jesus by serving the poorest members of His body. Seriously, I’d much rather take my chances on your compassion than on Publisher’s Clearinghouse!

Among the 30 nations where Heaven’s Family serves, we probably invest more in Myanmar (Burma) than any other. More than a thousand orphans and unwanted children in Myanmar are supported every month by compassionate sponsors. We’re equipping and sending missionaries, supplying water to remote villages of believers, establishing micro-banks, caring for widows, and much more there. This month’s magazine contains a few snapshots of Burmese lives that are being touched because of your involvement. Feel good as you read, because your reward is great in heaven! — David

*Just in case you were wondering, this is a joke!

This Month's Articles

Strategic Stewardship

Parting Shot: A Lesson in "Retained Earnings"

A sobering juxtaposition about laying up treasures on the earth…

Photo by Michael Belk. Used by permission. To view his entire series, Journeys with the Messiah, visit www.thejourneysproject.com

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