A Word from David

What do Somalia and North Korea have in common? They are the only two countries from which people have never visited our two websites, HeavensFamily.org and ShepherdServe.org, where all our biblical teaching is found.

We don’t talk much about how the Lord has blessed our internet teaching ministry, but perhaps we should. Since we began, our websites have been visited by almost one million individual households. 50% of our visitors do not use English as their primary language, and they read translations of The Disciple-Making Minister in Spanish, Polish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, and many other languages. On average, we receive about 80,000 page views per month. Lots of people around the world are learning through our on-line books, articles and teaching videos.

The internet has proven to be a wonderful tool, when used in a God-honoring way, to help build His kingdom. Both of our websites have just been significantly updated by our talented staff members. Stop by for a visit sometime to take a look, and be blessed! — David

This Month's Articles

Parting Shot: Why We Have a Safe Water Fund...

Imagine if the cup on the left contained your daily drinking water. This photo illustrates the effectiveness of bio-sand filters, which Heaven’s Family is placing in hundreds of poor, Christian households in Rwanda and elsewhere through our Safe Water Fund.

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