Three recent micro-loan beneficiaries

A Word from David

The best way to help people rise from poverty is to give them an opportunity to lift themselves through their own initiative and hard work. Handouts, even when they are given to the world’s poorest, suppress motivation and encourage dependency.

That is one reason that Heaven’s Family is becoming increasingly involved in starting micro-banks around the world. Micro-banks make it possible for us to offer small loans to enterprising Christians who aren’t afraid to take a risk and work hard—in order to improve their lives, provide for their families, and serve the poor among them.

I’m persuaded that Christian capitalism trumps philanthropy by every measure. So Heaven’s Family is now taking steps to implement some sophisticated software that will enable us to streamline the administrative load of our micro-credit endeavors. Ultimately, it will help us serve tens of thousands of poor believers with micro-loans.

Our first story in this month’s magazine is about one enterprising Kenyan widow who has begun to prosper because of a micro-loan from Heaven’s Family. Rejoice with her as you read, knowing that your compassion is making it all possible. — David

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