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A Word from David

This month we’re making two changes to our monthly magazine.

The first you may have already noticed. We’ve finally got a name for our magazine. All our stories have happy endings, so the name, Happy Endings, seemed appropriate. Not only that, but a big happy ending is what following Jesus is all about!

Second, we’re adding a teaching article. Most people who discover Heaven’s Family do so through our teaching ministry, either via our teaching website (ShepherdServe.org), one of our daily video- or e-devotionals, or a forwarded e-teaching. Each month we’re touching tens of thousands of people by those means. So we thought it would be good to include some Bible teaching every month in this publication. I hope you are blessed by reading this month’s teaching, The Ennoblement of a Secular Vocation.

So glad you are in the Family! — David

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This Month's Articles

This Month's Teaching

Parting Shot: Myanmar Menu Misspelling

When you are trying to appeal to English, as well as Burmese and Chinese customers, it never hurts to employ a good English proof reader who can spot when “carp” is misspelled!

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