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A Word from David

Wherever you live, I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy some vacation time this summer. How lovely it is to get away from the normal routine and spend time visiting family or friends, explore new destinations, or just relax at a familiar one.

We often don’t realize, however, that vacations as we know them would be considered luxuries by most people around the world. When you live on $2 a day or less, there is no money for travel or time away.

Remembering them, may we find ways to economize this summer, so that we might provide simple neccesities for the poor members of our family who can’t even dream of the luxury of a vacation. In this issue of our magazine, you’ll meet a few of them. They are our spiritual family members who live in India, Myanmar, China and Mexico, and who count themselves as very blessed—even if they won’t be taking a vacation this summer.

So glad you are in the Family! — David

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Parting Shot: Who is Happier?

Small-scale pig farming is one of the more common small businesses that are funded through Heaven’s Family’s Opportunity Loans. The happy piglet in this photo is being held (and cared for) by an orphan in Myanmar who is sponsored through our Orphan’s Tear division.

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