Meeting orphaned children during
one of my first trips to Myanmar
10 years ago

A Word from David

Since we started 11 years ago, Heaven’s Family has never stopped growing. Our devoted and talented staff has increased to 21 special people. We’re working in more than 30 nations and expanding to others, serving the “least of these” and building God’s kingdom.

Thankfully, in answer to our prayers for wisdom, we’ve never stopped learning over the past 11 years. As a result, we’ve made adjustments to what we do and how we do it. We want to help without hurting, serving our suffering spiritual family members in ways that don’t breed dependency, stifle initiative or demean them. We want to steward your contributions wisely and efficiently. Praise God that our ax is getting sharper, so we don’t have to swing it as much!

Lots of good things are happening Behind the Scenes at Heaven’s Family, and I hope you’ll read my article by that title in this magazine. It all starts with you! Thanks so much for being part of the family! — David

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Parting Shot: Frog Feast

Out of thankfulness for Heaven’s Family’s help that made possible critical surgery for her son, a mother in Myanmar brought David Servant an offering of dried wild frogs, a staple in her village. David was thankful to later find a very thankful man to whom he discretely re-gifted the frogs.

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