A Word from David

I’m so glad that God is in the business of redemption. He takes sad stories and gives them happy endings…which is the reason for the name of our magazine. Every month, we try to give you a small sampling of lives that have been redeemed through Jesus, and specifically lives He’s touched through the ministry of Heaven’s Family.

Our redemption came at a price. Redemption always costs someone something. Jesus “bought us back” by the payment of His sufferings and death. Similarly, the redemptive stories we share each month always cost something. By your sacrificial gifts, you not only join Jesus in His redemptive work, but you also join Him in His sufferings to some degree. One day you’ll share in His reward and glory.

Read and rejoice! You are making hundreds of redemptive stories possible each month! — David

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Parting Shot: The Lucky Hotel

The only reason I could think that this hotel in Myanmar might have been named the “Lucky Hotel” is because people were lucky if they didn’t have to spend the night there! — David

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