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With a friend in Afghanistan

My Real Name

Many friends of Heaven’s Family have assumed that “David Servant” is a pseudonym. And they’re correct!

The reason that I use a pseudonym is quite simple. These days, when you apply for a visa to visit a foreign country, immigration officials are likely to search the internet for your name to see if they can find any reason to deny you entry. Because I take so many trips to restricted nations that are hostile to Christianity, using a pseudonym has become a necessity. If those nations knew what I do for a living, they would not grant me a visa. But as they search the internet using the name in my passport, they don’t discover that I direct Heaven’s Family.

I’m not the only one at Heaven’s Family who uses a pseudonym. Some of us are traveling to places that the U.S. State Department warns citizens not to go. It is a calculated risk for us, but we know that the safest place to be is in God’s will. And no sacrifice for the sake of Jesus’ Kingdom is too high. Thanks for your sacrifices that make it all possible. — David

This Month's Articles

Parting Shot: Sweeter dreams in the desert

The best way to stay cool when sleeping in the Sahara is outside, under the stars, and elevated above the hot sand on palm slats that allow some air circulation to reach your body. It makes a world of difference, like the difference between hell and purgatory! — David

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