September 2016

A Word From Our Founder…

With Christian music artist, worship leader,
and singer-songwriter Paul Baloche, whom
I was privileged to meet during Texas travels.

A Family Reunion

Last month, about 100 saints gathered for a weekend in Dover, Ohio. They consisted of most of our staff members, some of our trustees, some of our regional representatives, and about 50 Heaven’s Family “investors.” In all, we were from 16 states and 2 countries.

As you might suspect, we had a wonderful time. We worshiped the Lord, I shared three sermons on stewardship, and 14 of our ministry directors gave short presentations. The rest of the time we fellow-shipped the hours away. Being with like-minded believers is a little taste of heaven on earth.

We had such a positive response that we’re inclined to try similar gatherings in other parts of the country (and world). Our investors are scattered across all 50 U.S. states and in 35 other nations. They all have one thing in common—their genuine love for Jesus. I’d like to meet all of them personally! Really!

So stay tuned for coming information about when we might be hosting a weekend gathering in your part of the world. All we need is your email address to keep you in the loop. If we don’t have it, just send it to [email protected].

I just read the five heart-touching and faith-building articles in this month’s magazine. Oh my! You are going to be so blessed as you read them. Thanks for being one of the folks who is making all this ministry possible! — David

This Month's Articles

Parting Shot: Fastest Coconut Shredders in the Southeast

While visiting orphanages in Myanmar, we witnessed a special show highlighting the talents of two of the boys. Using only their hands and teeth, each husked a coconut—in less than 60 seconds—as the other children cheered them on! When they were done, all that was left was the nut and shreds of the husk littered about the floor.
— David

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