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David Servant

My Dream Team

As we close 2016 and launch into 2017, I’d like to acknowledge a very fine group of people. They are the staff members of Heaven’s Family.

There are currently 33 of them. They live in Pennsylvania, Texas, Colorado, Virginia, Minnesota, Illinois and Myanmar. Some are paid and some work for free. Some are in their 20’s and some are in their 70’s. They are women and men.

Their backgrounds are diverse. Two are former career pilots for major airlines. A few were home-schooling moms. One is a former youth pastor. One was a missionary to China. Several are former executives of Fortune 500 companies. One was a school teacher. One is a CPA from Nigeria.

The one thing that we all hold in common is our love for Jesus. How can we not love Him? He died for us, and He’s at work in us, to make us like Himself. We count ourselves blessed that we can serve Him.

All of our staff members are talented but in different ways. Each one brings something important and unique to Heaven’s Family. We believe that God has joined us together. We really love each other. But we don’t all agree on every theological point.

Those among our staff members who direct our 21 Focused Ministries have some amazing stories to tell. Five of them tell one of their stories in this magazine, stories that will make your heart rejoice. Thank you for playing a part in all our stories through your prayers and investments!
— David

This Month's Articles

Your 2016 Contribution Receipt

Thank you for your gifts in 2016!

If you need a consolidated contribution receipt for 2016, you can request one at www.HeavensFamily.org/statement or just call us toll free at 1-855-333-2211, M-F, 9-5 EST, and we’ll send your receipt via email or snail mail.

Parting Shot: The deadly discount

During a recent trip to the Philippines, I noticed this sign advertising the hotel I’d stayed at the night before, which mentions the “Regular Time” price of 599 Pesos per night (about $12.50). The “Happy Time” price, however, is only about $8. Without going into too much detail, “Happy Time” in the Philippines is anytime someone wants to rent a hotel room for just a few hours.

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