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A Word From Our Founder…

A Chain of Love

As I read the five inspiring stories in this month’s magazine, I could not help but think about the body of Christ, that is, the church that is comprised of Christ’s true followers.

Every story starts with a pressing need that is discovered, usually by one of our many trusted overseas partners (some of whom I’ve known for decades).

Knowledge of those needs makes its way to those who direct Heaven’s Family’s 21 Focused Ministries, and they rely on the skills of other members of our staff to relay details of those needs through our many means of communication.

Next, people just like you learn of those needs, and wanting to make a difference, they share some of what God has blessed them with.

Finally, other members of our staff disburse donations around the world, and Ministry Directors follow up in various ways to ensure that intended results are achieved.

It is a beautiful chain of love, and it exists because Jesus truly does deposit His Holy Spirit into the hearts of those who believe in Him, and it transforms them.

You will be blessed when you read this month’s stories, which are just a small sampling of all that is being accomplished through the many links that comprise the ministry of Heaven’s Family. Thanks for being one of those links in a worldwide chain of divine love!

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This Month's Articles

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