Emanuel’s Millions

Emanuel’s Millions

Jerry’s 3rd Trip Blog from Rwanda

Emanuel (red) and Peter in the middle of the field that produces “millions.”

You may recall our story about the “French Beans Millionaire.” His beans are such high quality that they are being exported to Europe. After two years of Farming God’s Way, Emanuel has gone from being a day laborer hoping for work to an investor providing employment for others.

When we arrived at Emanuel’s farm, it was like a work of art. There were perfect lines, no weeds, great God’s blanket (mulch), and the crops looked very healthy. He said, “I  used to dig and destroy the soil until Peter trained me in FGW. When you do FGW well, it cuts half the cost, and then that becomes profit.”

In his first season, Emanuel planted 2.5 kg of bean seeds and harvested 2.5 tons! They sold for 1.2 million RWF ($923 US), which made him a “millionaire.” He said, “Traditional farmers are able to harvest four times before the plants die. Thanks to FGW, I harvested nine times.” Emanuel recently planted 20 kg of beans and harvested 8 tons. That harvest sold for 5.2 million RWF ($4000 US).

Emanuel said “I used to go search for any day job I could do. My family would eat once a day or sleep without eating. But we no longer experience the bad life. We eat porridge in the morning, we eat lunch, and we eat dinner. We have all the basic things a human should have. Now I am employing many people. During planting, 20-60 people. Watering 4-5 people. Harvesting 40 people.”

Emanuel is not keeping all those blessings to himself. After seeing the benefits of FGW, he began training others. He also blesses some of the poorest farmers with seeds to help them start their FGW journey and see the same transformation.

Next, we visited Peter’s training center. We saw his farm and heard testimonies from different GLG members. What stuck out the most was that Christophe, from the Worthy To Be Robbed blog, had trained his daughter and given her a small plot to do FGW. Now, she is leading fourteen children who are following in her footsteps. You will understand why this is so significant in my next blog.

We had a great time in Rwanda, but it is time to say goodbye. Join me as we head to Nairobi and go deep into the Mathare slum to visit Sammys’ school. This was the second-best thing that happened on this trip.

Grace and Peace,

Jerry Jefferson

Director, Farming God’s Way

Emanuels’ field of beans.

Peter and his promising cash crop of tree tomatoes.

Christophe (far left), his daughter (white dress), and the new youth Farming God’s Way.

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