Empowering Women in India

07 Nov

Image of women in India receiving tailoring trainingOppressed women in India participated in a tailoring training to support their families as they learned about Jesus Christ, thanks to you

Empowering Women in India

Two redeemed women share their faith whatever the cost

Dear Family,

Kiya (name changed for security reasons) was hopeless. Her husband had died two years earlier in an accident, leaving her and her three little children with a huge debt to pay. She tried working as a household maid, but the hours were long and the work exhausting. She became sick and started having severe knee pain. Not knowing where her next meal would come from, she began to think that her best option was to take her own life.

Then Kiya heard about the tailoring center Heaven’s Family national missionaries in India were opening, and that she would be able to learn to sew for free. Not only did she graduate from the training and receive her own sewing machine, enabling her to start her own tailoring business, but she also invited Jesus into her life! Now she shares the hope she has found with other women in her village.

Nitara (name changed) is an illiterate house maid who recently came to know the Lord. Our national missionaries taught her how to share her three-minute testimony with others. She started sharing it with everyone she knew. She even lost two of her jobs because she shared her faith with households who were opposed to Christianity. This rejection did not deter her, and she has now led four people from her village to Jesus.

Image of new Christians in IndiaNitara (left) standing next to our national missionary and the four people she led to the Lord

You are empowering brave, God-honoring women like Kiya and Nitara when you support Heaven’s Family national missionaries in India. Like Jesus, you are helping to restore the lives of people whom society has abandoned and forgotten, the “least of these” in the world’s eyes but some of the greatest in the Kingdom of God.

Image of the director of the National Missionary Ministry

Jerry Jefferson

Director, National Missionary Ministry

Transform Lives Through the National Missionary Ministry

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