End-of-Year Report from North Korea

29 Jan

End-of-Year Report from North Korea

Dear Friends,

This past year was very fruitful for the North Korean Christians Fund! I’m always wishing I could show you photos of the people we’re helping inside North Korea because of your compassion, but sadly they have to remain faceless until North Korea stops oppressing its own people. Showing pictures of those we’re assisting would place them in danger of imprisonment.

In spite of those limitations, I want to remain completely transparent with you financially, so I made an info-graph to explain exactly how your donations were used to benefit Christians in North Korea. I hope it will bring you great joy in knowing that 100% of your donations were used for the benefit of our brothers and sisters suffering in North Korea.

I pray that this year we’ll have greater opportunities to minister to our brothers and sisters inside North Korea.

Praying for more fruitfulness,

Elisabeth Walter
Director, North Korean Christians Fund

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