Escape to Salvation!

Picture of Farming God's Way God's Love Group in Rwanda
Brother Osteen no longer on the run for his life but now a successful farmer able to feed his family, thanks to you!

Escape to Salvation!

A refugee family encounters Farming God’s Way—and a new life

Dear Family,

In late 2018, Osteen Misomali, his wife, and their two young children fled from their burning house in rural Mozambique with nothing but the clothes they were wearing. They were innocent victims of tribal warfare.

Osteen and his family crossed the border into neighboring Malawi. If caught by the police, they would have been immediately sent back to Mozambique.

By God’s grace, they reached Malawi’s Thyolo District, where they pleaded with a village head not to turn them over to the police, but to help them find a place to live.

Our Farming God’s Way program had several very active God’s Love Groups (GLGs) in this village, so the village head asked one of them to help. Without hesitation, the GLG members found a place for the Misomali family to live, gave them food, and welcomed the family into their GLG meetings.

Overwhelmed by God’s love for them, Osteen and his wife soon surrendered their lives to Jesus.

The GLG group trained Osteen and his wife in Farming God’s Way and collected enough money to rent a field for them. The group also gave Osteen seed to plant, fertilizer, and materials to cover his field.

Much to his delight, Osteen and his wife harvested more than three tons of maize! They kept one ton—enough to feed their family for over a year—and sold the other two tons. Osteen intends to use the money to buy his own field and build a house for his family while continuing to farm God’s way.

Brother Osteen wants to tell you:

I have no words to say because of great joy we have in our family. God has done to us very tremendously, and has blessed us beyond our imaginations.

Our family has enough to eat for a whole year. As you can see we have plenty of maize and we are lacking nothing. Indeed, God, through GLG and FGW, has amazingly answered our prayers and intervened in our situation. We were nobodies, refugees without hope.

Your gifts to the Farming God’s Way Ministry are breaking the yoke of poverty and hunger and producing spiritual transformation, all to the glory of King Jesus!

Dick Samuels
Assistant Director, Farming God’s Way Ministry

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