Expedition to help Dora

Image of Dora with oxygen concentratorDora with Daryl and the oxygen concentrator that has helped sustain her life

Expedition to help Dora

Elisabeth’s 1st trip blog from Guatemala

Dear Family,

Dora’s spine was so curved that it was inoperable. With her spine crowding her heart and lungs, her oxygen stats were constantly dropping. Her condition was slowly killing her, but that would change if she could somehow get supplemental oxygen.

That was Dora’s situation when Heaven’s Family’s ministry partner Daryl met her. She was just 13 years old, and without critical medical intervention, she probably wouldn’t be alive today. But nine years later, she is alive—and that is in part because of you!

Daryl provided Dora with an oxygen concentrator that has extended her life. Even though her parents are hard-working, they could never have been able to purchase this medical equipment. Daryl also visits her whenever she is experiencing difficulties, providing free medical care that you help fund.

Today, we visited Dora because her parents had called Daryl to let him know she was sick. Her oxygen levels were low, so Daryl switched machines to boost the oxygen output. He also prescribed a week’s worth of antibiotics to combat an infection in her throat. I was blessed to meet with Dora on your behalf. She may not be alive if it weren’t for friends like you.

Thank you so much for giving to Heaven’s Family’s Critical Medical Needs Ministry and enabling Daryl to serve Dora and 235 other children in Guatemala who would otherwise have no access to lifesaving medical care.

Image of the director of the Critical Medical Needs Ministry

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Critical Medical Needs Ministry

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