A Family You’ve Touched in Peru [Food Fund update]

08 Feb

A Family You’ve Touched in Peru [Food Fund update]

poor boy in peru eating
Rony Cuba eating a full meal at the feeding center in Lima

In September, we told you about the children’s feeding centers in Peru that are regularly supported through Heaven’s Family’s Food Fund. This month we’d like to tell you a story that should make you feel good, since you are a part of it due to your gifts to the Food Fund.

Evangeline Cuba has been a widow for two years, and she and her three children were a family without hope. Evangeline’s job as a school janitor brings in about $2 a day, which enables her and her three children to barely survive in the poverty-stricken community where they live. They are not only financially poor, but they were emotionally broken as well. But that was before they met Nelly. Nelly is not only the director of the feeding center that we assist in Lima, but she was the last person to see Evangeline’s husband alive.

Two years ago, Evangeline’s husband was a bread delivery man, and he supplied bread for our feeding center in Lima. One day, after delivering his bread and having a short conversation with Nelly, he walked out to the street to get on to his bicycle rickshaw. He was hit by a speeding vehicle and instantly died.

poor girl in peru
Evangeline’s daughter Mary

A year after his death, Evangeline and her children found comfort and compassion in the same place where they had lost a provider, husband and father. Like so many of the families in the area, the Cuba family is so poor that the lunches served three times a week at the feeding center are the largest and most nutritious meal they receive.

The free meals are what led Evangeline to begin bringing her children to the feeding center, but what kept them there was the love of Jesus. The Cuba family found that the feeding Center was not only a place that they could eat well, but it was also a place where they could be loved by Jesus in the Christian staff who work there. After ten months, their lives are completely different. The children and their mother spend much of their time there with friends, and they now attend church services whenever they are held by the administrating pastor. Evangeline has been so touched with the work of the feeding center that she now volunteers to help whenever she has a day off or vacation time.

poor peruvian mother and sons get food
Evangeline and her two sons Rony and Benny

While in Peru we were able to visit the feeding center and meet Evangeline and her children. Evangeline stood up among her friends, and with tears in her eyes thanked us by saying:

We thank you so much for your help. I know that the Lord loves us because he has sent you to provide for us.

Thanks again for making this miracle possible.

For the Kingdom,

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