Fastest Coconut Shredders in the Southeast

05 Jan

Fastest Coconut Shredders in the Southeast

The children of New Heritage Orphanage in Yangon, Myanmar, singing to Jesus

Dear Friends,

My dad and I spent two weeks in Myanmar last month. Every day we visited several orphanages sponsored by Orphan’s Tear—38 in all.

At each orphanage, the children usually sang a song or two for us. In addition to the usual song at New Heritage Orphanage, however, we witnessed a special show highlighting the talents of two of the boys. Using only their hands and teeth, each husked a coconut—in less than 60 seconds—as the other children cheered them on! When they were done, all that was left was the nut and shreds of the husk littered about the floor. Here are two photos that show the action:

Ready, set…GO!

Husking machines at work!

The children are doing well at all the orphanages we visited. Your help is making a huge difference in their lives. Thanks so much!

Elisabeth Walter
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

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