Feeding Children and Finding Hope

17 Jun

Feeding Children and Finding Hope

Feeding Children and Finding Hope

Meals for Kids Struggling to Make a Life in Africa’s Biggest Slum

Dorine and her littlest one, Steven, who is doing well in part thanks to generous gifts to the Food Ministry

Dorine and her 3 children live in Kibera, Africa’s largest slum. Life was hard for Dorine. Her husband, a drunkard, was never there. She struggled her to feed the kids and herself, sometimes surviving by picking crumbs from the trash. The baby was starving, mama unable to make enough breast milk. Hopeless, she thought her precious baby might die.

But, then she found hope. Our ministry partners found her and worked with Dorine and helped with formula for the baby and food for mom. Now, a year later, the baby is thriving. Besides that, Dorine and the kids began to regularly attend church and learn about Jesus and to follow Him.

The weekly children’s feeding program at the church –made possible by your generous gifts to the Food Ministry, really helped Dorine and many other families struggling to feed their children due to the intense poverty conditions in Kibera.

The help has made a huge difference and Dorine’s children have shown great changes in their growth, and each day there is light shining upon their health and hope in their hearts.

Thank you so much for your generous gifts to the Food Ministry!

Some of the roughly 80-90 kids who attend the church, learn about Jesus, participate in Bible skits, and also a healthy meal at the feeding program. Looking at the kids, you may not realize that many eat one meal a day through the week, some eat nothing on some days. Let’s remember to pray for them and others like them around the world, that they may come to know Jesus who is the Bread of Life.

Diane Scott

Director, Food Ministry

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