Fighting off the food crisis

30 Sep

Image of hungry families receiving food in GuatemalaSome of the hungry families you are helping to feed in Guatemala

Fighting off the food crisis

You relieved a food crisis for hard-working families in Guatemala

Dear Family,

You are still helping to relieve 100 families in Guatemala who have been struggling due to the food shortages and increasing prices caused by COVID lockdowns. The malnutrition rate was already high before COVID, and the lockdowns only exacerbated the situation.

Here is one touching testimony from a woman you’ve helped.

Hello! My name is Natalia. My husband and I have four children. Today, I would like to thank you for relieving our hunger. Thanks to God and all of you for providing food and for making us happy.

We work hard every day, but we become stressed because of the food crisis and the rapidly rising food prices that affect everyone. We try to do our best for our children, but we feel like giving up many times because we struggle to put food on the table. We work hard but we get paid a lot less than before. Sometimes, all we can afford for dinner is one piece of bread and water for dinner. There are nights when I cannot sleep well, wondering what we are going to do and what I will cook for my children.

But God is faithful, and He continues to provide through you. Please tell everyone that now we enjoy good and healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners because of their generosity. We appreciate this support and we continue to pray for all of you that the Lord may give you long and healthy lives in order to continue helping others like us who need spiritual and material help.

Now I am going to go and cook a nutritional meal for my family!

Thank you for continually meeting the needs of suffering people around the world through Heaven’s Family’s Disaster Relief Ministry!

Image of the director of the Disaster Relief Ministry

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Disaster Relief Ministry

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