Fill ‘er up

Picture of people in Nigeria filling their containers with clean water
People gathering around the taps of the new deep well to fill their containers with clean drinking water

Fill ‘er up

A well project opens hearts to the living water of Jesus

Dear Family,

Gurunkparu, Nigeria is a remote village with little development. Our ministry partners have been reaching out to this mostly Muslim village for years to bring them the Good News. They successfully established a church and a school, but the people still had a big daily need—they were drinking filthy water that made them sick.

Thanks to your gifts to the Heaven’s Family Safe Water Ministry, we were able to drill a deep well, build a tower to store clean water, and install taps. Now the people can come to this site and fill their containers with fresh water!

Picture of the old muddy water
Yikes! The old muddy-hole water days.

One of the ladies of Gurunkparu testified, “The water we were drinking was full of dirt. We and our children were always sick because we never had clean water to drink. Now we have this new deep well and now our health will be sound.” Another lady exclaimed, “We never expected to see something like this. Thank you so much for this great gift!” And a third lady chimed in, with conviction in her voice, “The Muslims never did anything for us. Thank You, Jesus!”

You are saving and changing lives by bringing clean water to those who have none, and opening doors for the gospel of Jesus, who is Living Water!

Diane Scott
Director, Safe Water Ministry

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