Filled with “No” No mo’

14 Nov

Filled with “No” No mo’

Kudawn Khogluan from Myanmar holding a Bible that he received
A very grateful Kudawn Khogluan, holding his new Bible

Filled with “No” No mo’

God’s Word restores hope to civil war survivors in Myanmar

Dear Friends,

Imagine having a faith so strong that you continue to serve Jesus with just the basic understanding you learned of Him during your salvation experience—despite persecution, not having a Bible, or being able to regularly fellowship with other believers!

Last year, with the help of our generous donors, the Strategic Bibles Ministry was able to provide much-needed Bibles to a large number of persecuted Christians living in Myanmar. For those of us believers who live in what are essentially persecution-free countries, it is sometimes easy for us to forget that many of our brothers and sisters in Christ have never owned a Bible.

I would like to share the following testimony from a dear brother with you. His testimony is a perfect example of the impact that the Word of God has on the persecuted church…

My name is Mr. Kudawh Khongluan. I am 71 years old and I am from Kazu Village. Now I live in Minena IDP [internally displaced person] camp. Because of the war, we had to leave Kazu Village and we lost all that we owned. In Kazu, I was a deacon in our church. But now our spirits are nothing. We have no hope, no food, no house, no education for our children, no money. Our lives are filled with “NO.” As we are worried for our lives, and to save our lives, we needed to flee every day from the fighting. Even though we are believers, we could not think about our spiritual things.

Soon after I arrived here at Minena IDP camp our family and 500 other families received Kachin-Jingpaw Bibles for free. After we received the Bibles our hope in God started shining and our family can start praying. We read every day and get more peace and joy in our hearts. Not only our family but also all 500 families in the IDP camp. I encouraged and motivated them to start a worship service, and they all agreed with me.

Now we can have worship services and share and encourage each other through the Word of God. Now people can smile and laugh. This is the first time I’ve seen the people smile and laugh in this camp. ONLY BY THE POWER OF THE WORD OF GOD!

I would like to say, “Thank you so much for giving Kachin-Jingpaw Bibles to us.” The world has isolated us, but you were deeply concerned for us and gave to the most important need for our lives.

We don’t realize sometimes the powerful impact our gifts have on those who live in far-reaching places around the world. So thank you for caring enough to make a difference by supporting the Strategic Bibles Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

Together in Him,

Peter Wray
Director, Strategic Bibles Ministry

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