Finding Hope in Guatemala [Elisabeth’s Trip Blog from Guatemala]

17 Jul

Finding Hope in Guatemala [Elisabeth’s Trip Blog from Guatemala]

Humberto has a smile that is a testimony to the love he is now receiving at Home of Hope

Finding Hope in Guatemala

A trip blog from Elisabeth Walker

Dear Friends,

“You know…we have to move here,” Daryl said to his wife Wanda after witnessing the horrific conditions inside a handicapped ward of a Guatemalan hospital. With deep conviction, she replied with just 2 words: “I know.”

Daryl and Wanda came to this life-changing conclusion after seeing children in wheelchairs with their hands tied behind their backs and blankets over their heads—among other inhumane practices—during a 2008 visit to Guatemala. They didn’t yet know the details, but they knew with certainty they had to do something for these children that no one else wants!

Today, 7 years later, I visited 12 happy children who now live with Daryl and Wanda at a place they’ve called Hogar de la Esperanza (Home of Hope in English). As I listened to their stories, I felt so troubled hearing about the terrible situations these children came from.

When many of the children first arrived at Home of Hope, they had already descended into an almost lifeless, unresponsive state. But therapy—and a lot of love—slowly turned them around, and I could clearly see the children are now thriving. Although they were all either orphaned or abandoned by parents unable to cope with their disabilities, they truly are a part of a family now because of the special love and individual attention that Daryl, Wanda and their own children give to each of them. Being in the presence of these precious children and helping them is one of the most fulfilling works on earth!

I’m happy to say that, beginning with Home of Hope, Orphan’s Tear will now be reaching out with compassion into Guatemala. Many of the children pictured below will be available for sponsorship on our website soon!

Thank you for joining us as we go into Guatemala to bless more needy children!

Elisabeth Walker
Director of Orphan’s Tear

Though little Rosalinda looks to me like she is only 2 months old, it turns out she is actually 15 months old! Malnourishment from birth has kept her weight at no more than 12 pounds (an average 15-month-old weighs almost twice that). Daryl and Wanda hope that nourishing food and lots of love will help Rosalinda put on some pounds soon!

Yenifer—or Yeni, as she is affectionately called—brings so much joy to the home, and to anyone who meets her

These adorable twins named Racquel and Esther have been available for adoption within Guatemala for over a year. But because international adoption is blocked by the government and few Guatemalans are adopting children with special needs, they are still waiting for their forever family. Until they do, however, they will receive the love and care they need from Home of Hope.

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