Fire in Alaska

22 Apr

A grateful boy with a hot meal, thanks to Heaven’s Family

Fire in Alaska

Feeding residents of a slum community that lost everything

Dear Friends,

Fire spread quickly from one shanty house to another in a slum community named Alaska in the Philippine city of Cebu. That’s because poor city residents tend to be squatters who pack into small areas of public land and build makeshift homes from whatever scraps of wood, plastic, cardboard and corrugated metal sheets they can find.

When the fire had finally run its course, hundreds of families were left homeless, and what few possessions they owned were also gone.

Thankfully, Heaven’s Family has a partner in Cebu called Hope House, which has been working for the last seven years among the “least of these” to spread the gospel, make disciples and transform lives. Through this ministry of sharing the love of Jesus and caring, many are coming to the Lord and finding a hope and a future. Children are being helped to attend school, which can motivate girls to avoid early pregnancies and steer boys away from gangs. In addition, these efforts help prevent these kids from being trafficked for sex and labor, reduces dependence on drugs, and teaches parents how to stop being abusive.

In response to the immediate needs of fire victims, the Food Ministry came along side to help, providing 3/4 tons of rice. The Disaster Relief Ministry also provided funds to those who lost everything in the fire. The food helped sustain 300 desperately poor families, encouraging them by showing how believers around the world care about them. Even more importantly, they learned that God hears their cries for help!

Here are a couple more photos of the children who were fed…

At left, a few of the many Hope House youth who worked very late into the night sacking rice for fire victims; at right, handsome young brothers with some of the 1500 lbs. of rice Heaven’s Family provided for fire victims

As a result of the generosity of those who gave to Heaven’s Family, a new door of opportunity has opened wide for Hope House. Families are open to receiving gospel tracts and many are willing to attend Bible studies and church.

David, the director of Hope House, told me, “I get emotional out there just seeing the need and people wanting food. It also motivates me to try harder to reach people…people are coming to the Lord because of us just caring.”

The Lord is doing an amazing work here in the midst of the chaos. Thank you so much for your generous gifts to the Food Ministry.

Serving together,

Diane Scott
Director, Food Ministry

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