Fishing in the Hospital

30 Apr

At left, Luis praying over Alonso’s broken body with his family in the background; at right, Luis during my visit with him

Fishing in the Hospital

A servant who brings Jesus’ healing and salvation where it’s needed most

(Please note: all names have been changed for security reasons.)

Dear Friends,

Death was knocking hard on Alonso Garcia’s door. The young man had suffered severe head injuries from an accident, and the doctors said there was no hope left for him.

That same day Luis Rivero was visiting that very hospital. He had come, as was his routine, to pray for the sick and dying and to share the gospel with desperate family members.

Walking past Alonso’s room, Luis saw a lifeless body surrounded by family members. He politely asked if he could pray for the man. They graciously agreed. Luis prayed, shared about Jesus, and then continued on his mission to visit other patients.

Two days later, Luis returned to visit Alonso. Entering his room, Alonso’s mother—in tears—exclaimed that her son miraculously began improving the very moment Luis prayed for him. After regaining consciousness, Alonso and his wife surrendered their lives to the Great Physician!

That same day, the seed of the gospel found more fertile soil in that hospital. Luis reports that 12 more people professed Christ as their Lord and Savior!

What I haven’t told you yet is that Luis is a Cuban who evangelizes his own people on the communist island of Cuba—work that could land him in prison. But ministering in the hospitals has proven to be an effective means for reaching others with our Savior’s message, so he presses on.

An important aspect of Luis’ ministry—as with all of our Cuban missionaries—is that he knows the significance of discipleship. Luis will be committing much time to following up with Alonso, his wife, and the 12 other newborn Christians he met in that hospital. He will visit them at their houses and ensure that they are plugged into a local body of believers. If there are no nearby churches, Luis will continue to personally disciple them and start a new fellowship in their area.

Last summer I was immensely blessed with the opportunity to visit my friend Luis and the four other missionaries Heaven’s Family’s National Missionary Ministry is supporting in Cuba. I’m always amazed when I meet such dedicated men and women around the world who are laying their lives down to preach Christ. They have their gaze fixed upon eternity, even though it could cost them everything. I’m so happy we can partner with them in the work of our King.

On their behalf,

Jody Walker
Director, National Missionary Ministry

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