Floating Noah’s Ark

26 Feb

Angela, the daughter of school founder Victoria, gives a big hug to one of the kids

Floating Noah’s Ark

When water was scarce, God provided a “flood”

Dear Friends,

Sadly, children with disabilities are often neglected, unwanted and abused in many parts of the world, including Uganda. Some parents want to care for their child, but lack the necessary skills or are too poor to do so properly. Victoria Namusisi has been caring for children with special needs, orphans and the unwanted for many years as the founder of Noah’s Ark Christian School in Entebbe. She has become Mother to many, loving, nurturing and teaching them to love the Lord and be as successful in life as they can be.

Gloria was a special needs orphan who Victoria adopted and raised as her own. Eventually, she sent her to a special Ugandan school, thinking Gloria would be well cared for there. Returning a few weeks later to visit, she found Gloria deathly ill. She brought her to a hospital, but they could do nothing, so Victoria brought her home. Gloria soon passed away.

Victoria promised to herself that she would not let that happen to any other special needs child that God brought to her. Now, years later, 22 special needs children of impoverished parents are being cared for at Noah’s Ark. The children are learning as they are able, and experiencing the love of Jesus—all in honor of Gloria.

When the team I was with visited Noah’s Ark this past November, I learned that the school was suffering from a chronic shortage of water. Their well produced water sporadically, so it had to be rationed for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing clothes and cleaning for the 22 children and 12 staff who care for them.

Thanks to your generous donations to the Safe Water Ministry, we provided a rainwater storage tank and Sawyer water filters to help make sure they always have plenty of clean water available. No longer will they have to ration water, and the children can now drink clean water abundantly—and the staff can spend their time serving the children instead of scrambling for water!

Some of the kids and staff at Noah’s Ark Christian School expressing thanks for their new rainwater storage tank (behind them at center)

A smile that lights up the room! She was so happy to show how she finished her whole glass of water.

Thank you so much for making this blessing possible!


Diane Scott
Director, Safe Water Ministry

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