Flooded Garden

Children walking on a path between the flooded gardens which now look like pondsFour of the children who live at Grace Orphanage walking around their flooded garden.

The rainy season in Myanmar brings many challenges as well as blessing to our orphanages. It makes for difficult travel, more malaria-carrying mosquitos, and cramped indoor confinement—but it also makes for wonderful rice harvests! We thank God, however, that He always cares for His orphans, whether it’s rainy or dry.

The director of Grace Orphanage said:

They have their regular school in rain. I attach a picture of a lot of water back in our campus. We can’t grow any vegetable right now for too much flooded water on our garden.

Their health was very good by God’s grace in June. No serious sickness except some runny nose and cough. We praise God for this because most kids usually used to get sick in June because June is when we first get rain here.

Neither rain or flood can stop us from serving orphans!

Elisabeth Walter
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

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