Flooded Orphanage

The children at Love and Mercy had to cross this muddy water way to get to and from their home.

With boots up to my knees, I cautiously made my way through the overgrown puddle at Love and Mercy Shelter to meet with the children. As I crossed, I had visions of slipping and becoming covered head to toe with mud—and my camera and computer getting trashed! I did make it across, thankfully, but the water sloshed dangerously close to the tops of my boots. (Note to self: “Send money for a concrete walkway right away!”) I determined right then that I wouldn’t make that treacherous, watery crossing again and, more importantly, I didn’t want the kids to have to make the crossing each day either!

During the monsoon season, deluges of rainwater surround their home, making the trip to and from the road a very wet and slippery experience for all. The high water also brings disease and parasites, especially when it is contaminated by nearby open sewers.

Thanks to those who generously responded to our special project, however, the new walkway is about to be completed! (see photos below)

On behalf of the children,

Elisabeth Walker
Director of Orphan’s Tear

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